Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to configure Cdrking Wireless AP router DD-WRT-688 ;)

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hihihi.. ;)
Enough with the drama.. and let's get back into the techie side ;) 

Finally.. been able to configure my CDR-King Wifi AP router model DD-WRT-688.

It took me less than a day to solve the mystery in setting it up. Of course with the help of their friendly technical support staff (communication thru chat).

You will need the following to setup a wifi hotspot:

1. Internet connection should be setup and ready to use (I am using SmartBroadband).

2. Wireless AP router DD-WRT-688

3. RJ45 port to connect with WRT-688.

4. Microsoft Windows compatible PC/Notebook or any wireless enable mobile phones.

Here's how I configure my wireless router.

P.S. I had included the images that would really matter and excluded the configuration that I left to their default settings.

1. The RJ45 connector from the Smart Bro canopy antenna must be connected to the WAN port of the CD-R King WRT-688 router.

2. The provided RJ45 connector from the Desktop/Laptop port must be connected to the LAN port of the CD-R King WRT-688 router.

3. Make sure that all power cables are properly connected.

Once done checking:

1. Open any available internet browser (I use Google chrome). Type in in your url browser. This will bring you to your router's WLAN page setup.

2. Change the routers name and password. 
3. Under Wireless_Wireless Security Tab : Change the security mode encryption by choosing WPA personal and fill in your shared key. Note that I tried choosing WEP encryption but it didn't work. This will serve as the password for your wireless connection
4. Under Wireless_Basic Settings Tab : Change the wireless network name. You can select Disable radio button (your connection won't appear if someone's searching for a wifi connection).
5. (Optional) Cloning the MAC/physical address would be the last part since some Internet service providers will require you to register your MAC address. If you do not wish to re-register your MAC address, you can have the router clone the MAC address that is registered with your ISP. Under Setp_MAC Address Clone Tab : Enable the button and click the "Get Current PC MAC address". Apply settings and SAVE.
That's it.. I made my wireless router WRT-688 work using this process. ;)

My Desktop and Netbook ;)

My Samsung mobile ;)
My Nanay's Nokia Mobile ;)

Messy connection ;) 

Cdrking Wireless AP router DD-WRT-688 ;)

I am so happy.. It works ;) I am connected everywhere ;)

Connected with YOU ;) chozzz! 

Thank You LORD for all the blessings ;)

I  ♥ U ;)

God Bless everyone and Be Happy ;)

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  1. I am confused on the very 1st step. By moving the connector from my PC to the WAN port of the router, my internet connection will be lost of course, right? How can I proceed the configuration without internet?

    There's something lacking in your instruction. Should I connect the provided RJ45 to my router's LAN port at one end and connect the other to my PC internet port?

  2. can you still connect sa internet (wifi) even if yung router lang yung naka ON at naka OFF naman c desktop?

  3. the details are not clear... i just wanted to know what to used at the static DNS1 to DNS3......

  4. hello, I can't access to , ano sa tingin mo yung problem? magpapalit sana ako ng password kasi madami na nakakaalam dito sa amin, bumabagal internet, please help :'(

  5. Hey! I tried your steps here. Kaso yung akin, limited access daw. Pano kaya yun? Can you ask the ''friendly" tech support ng cd-r king kung paano? Thanks po!